Iran is not Afghanistan, Iran is not Iraq/Iran is a very strong country

The former chief inspector of the  IAEA, Robert Kelley says : If you look at Natanz , then this plant  dimensioned just too big for a civilian program. There must be something else . It doesn`t make sense to cure cancer patients, it doesn`t take so much highly  enriched uranium that means it either don`t know the Iranians what they are  doing, or they do something big up his sleeve just the military program. What do  you say

 First: They don`t make highly enriched uranium in Natanz, because go to a maximum of four- five percent. Sun enriched uranium is needed additional fuel for the Tehran research reactor. This  uranium must be enriched to at least twenty percent. The Iranians demanded worldwide for such fuel for the research reactor, but no country was willing to give  us such a fuel. This reactor is very important for the medical use. The Iranian  say: If you don`t give us uranium, then we do it by our self. I must tell you  what the west does currently is illegal against the nuclear non-proliferation  treaty, is not legitimate, it is counterproductive. I think right now west  pressure, isn`t about nuclear

What is the objective of the west

It wouldn`t be the nuclear issue , they would have found something else. Iran represents a position that can not  accept the west. I don`t think the west has the position to wage a war against  Iran. Iran is not Afganestan, Iran is not Iraq . Forget it (editor`s note in the  west), Iran is a very strong country


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